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Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone Fans to RCG’s

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! Hope dinner and time with your family is well. -Rebel Von Jezabel- Renagade Girls

My musical therapy

Single moms, their kids and random guys

My rant of the day will be about moms, their kids and random guys. Yes, I am a single mom and yes I have plenty of guy friends or guys who want to get hang out/get with me but does that mean my boys see me with every guy I know….absolutely not. I have dated one person since their dad and I split up, that is the only guy they’ve seen me “actually be with.” It just annoys the shit outta me that all these moms are so quick to bring a guy in and out of their kids lives. Newsflash moms….you need to talk to, date, hang out with or whatever you wanna call it for more then a few wks before you introduce a guy to your kids, take pics of them with your kids or God forbid move them in. What are you teaching you kids? Nothing good I can promise you that. Girls…stop being afraid to be alone and raise YOUR kids. Being a strong independent woman and mother is the best thing you can teach your kids. I dislike being alone sometimes just as much as the next person but have some damn self respect and put your kids feelings and needs before your own. Don’t preach about being a single mom when you have a different guy in and out of your life every other week. Get your head on straight and wait for the one guy who will stick around and be a positive in your life as well as your kids. Shew I feel better!

Hi guys! I’m Sheri, I’m a little new to the modeling world,

Hi guys! I’m Sheri, I’m a little new to the modeling world, still working on some new up and coming projects. A little about me: I’m a mother of a 4 year old boy, I dance with The Moving Company in Indianapolis. I attend IUPUI studying Psychology, and a minor in Dance. I direct Photography and make-up for R.p.C Photography and I’m excited to get involved in the world of Renagades!

Im on Google!

I’m such a sucker for love stories…especially if it’s a musical

I'm such a sucker for love stories...especially if it's a musical

I hope to bring good energy to Renagade :) Miss Zoe-RCG

I’ve been modelling since 2005. I am Scottish. I’ve been living in Los Angeles since 2007. Back in the UK I was a type of attorney. Now I manage a rehearsal & recording studio. I am married and have three dogs. I love martial arts and have done quite a few, including (American) kickboxing, boxing, Savate, Krav Maga, and little bits of Muay Thai and Karate. I also love cars 🙂 I’m into music, growing vegetables, walking my dogs, working out, driving too fast, and partying 😀renagade girls
In a year I hope to still be where I’m at cos I really like my life 🙂 I hope to improve and expand my business and my modelling career.

I’ve done various types of modelling including retro and modern pin-up, classic glamour, alt. glamour / lingerie modelling, alt. fashion, tattoo model, artist modelling, and some promo work.

I am enthusiastic, professional, positive, creative, and sociable with other models. I hope to bring good energy to Renagade 🙂

I am a sexy Spanish girl, Soy una chica española sexy,

I am a sexy Spanish girl,

I love to take pictures,  I love to be the center of attention,  I love to bring joy and happiness to everybody,  I love to be in different type’s of magazines and play’s as well as movie Rolls, Music video’s.

Where my dream is to be on TV for everybody to see me…

Welcome to my World,

Soy una chica española sexy,

Me encanta tomar fotos, me encanta ser el centro de atención, me encantaría llevar alegría y felicidad a todo el mundo, me encanta estar en diferentes tipos de revistas y un juego de, así como rollos de película, el vídeo de la música.

Cuando mi sueño es estar en la televisión para todo el mundo me vea …..

Bienvenidos a mi mundo,

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