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Listen In Tonight At 8 PM Pacific! Renagade Radio with The Z

Just a heads up 😉   Live tonight, I will be naming off  Seattle Best Music of 2013. This is my poll of the best, so the votes from fans are very important. I am a fan like music is for hearing. I seriously get into the sound and passion from the locals. Plus, the bonus of cheap pub shows rule. There is something about the show tonight that I am really getting into, sharing these bands and artists with people all over the world. Taste Seattle, Hear Seattle.

Renagade Radio Promo

Hello RCG world

My name is  Crimson Echo. I am a family oriented, fun-loving person who likes to work hard but also have fun. I’ve just recently got into modeling but I’ve always had a dream of being an actress. My goal is to go far in both. I just moved to the area with my family for more opportunities. A year from now I hope to a part of the Renagade Girls’ family, working hard and having fun with a bunch of talented individuals. What I have to offer is a positive attitude, a willingness to work hard, and a slightly “thicker” side to the sexy Renagade Girls.

Voting Options For Best Seattle Music 2013

Welcome to the list of Local (Seattle) Bands and Artists that have caught my attention in 2013. I will pull the Top Ten from this  list (or by votes) for my Best of Seattle Music 2013 Countdown on To Vote: Add a comment (to this post) of the music you think should place on top for the year. All of these musicians made a dent in 2013, playing many shows and putting out albums. If a band is awesome but missing here Vote for them and let us know they are up for the count. Click to listen and post to vote. Enjoy the end of the year with a recap of the good music.  * Mixed By,  Zeanthia DA.

John, Paul And The Apostles-


American Wrecking Company-

Above Ground-

Cathedral Pearls-

Mind Vice-

Sky Pilot-

December In Red-

Zero Point-

My Goodness-

Falling Blind-

No Buffer-




Ripynt- http://www.ripynt.comMackemore and Ryan Lewis- http://www.macklemore.comRose Windows- Hanson- Fail Safe Project-

One Gun Sky-

Ravages Of Time-

Brandi Carlile-

miss anabelle blue

Check out what the Renegades are up too!

Check out what the Renegades are up too! Renagade Radio Live 8pm. Weeknights! The Renagade Calendargirls are fearless beauties! I was fortunate to meet some sweethearts! Look for Jairemie Alexander‘s music here as well!  SHARE SHARE and LOVE!!

up all night renagade radio live

Thank You

Hey there…if you recently stopped by my page I want to say thank you for dropping through…remember membership is free. You can also sign up for a paid membership but just hang around there is a lot more to come. I hope you tune into Late Night Radio with me as your host on Sundays at If you are an up and coming band , hit me up we’d love to feature you and your music on the show…let the world of Renagade know who you are!!! I’ll be looking for you on the other side!!! #EmbraceYourBeauty #Leggo!!


Let's Get It On......

Fans are friends are family!

Hey… Ho….

This is Miss Kisha a.k.a. The Face stopping by to tell you how much your support as , fans are friend are family, means to me. See everything we do in life is usually supported by someone whether it is visible to us or not or whether it is to support a good choice or a bad one. I’ve always considered myself a fighter, a go getter, a people person/talker, Ya know… The kind of person who loves to see others laugh and smile so while I chase my dreams and embark upon this journey your support and engagement is nothing more than irreplaceable. I cannot phantom continuing on this journey without a fan base to make laugh or smile or challenge your thought process.. I’m sure anyone model, actor, singer, or public figure would say the same…Where would we be without YOU. You sign up as fans, engage like as friends, and are dedicated as family.. You there sir or Madame are priceless to me! Nothing can replace you… #EmbraceYourBeauty. Follow me along, talk to me, engage in my Experience. I’m on the inside waiting on you..hope to see you ther!

Zea With Links Of Seattle Local Music


Hello Renagade Radio. This is Band Babe Zeanthia DA bringing to you my top 5 favorite Seattle local bands. I was on air tonight at 8pm (only my second time) and I told the listeners to start checking out these bands to help vote for Seattle’s Top 10 Music of 2013. Let’s start with

#5 December In Red with their self-titled debut album, “DECEMBER IN RED”. Rock….

#4 Lacero with their “MIYORA” EP and their self-titled full length album, “LACERO”. Rock/Prog Rock/Alternative Metal

#3 Mind Vice with their self-titled debut album, “MIND VICE”. Grunge/Rock/Blues/Metal  &

#2 Sky Pilot with their debut album, “PART-TIME MACHINE”. Rock/Hip Hop &

#1 No Buffer placing my favorite to listen to with self-titled debut album, “NO BUFFER” and second full length album “EVERYTHING WILL BE JUST FINE”  Punk

All of these bands did GREAT in 2013! They pushed themselves in musicianship and brought their best to all they put out. I hope if you love music you click a link or two or all of them J.  Vote on your favorite. Get in touch with me become a part of my page. We should share music.

Call me Jessi Faith

I am a  promotional model and photographer in the Indianapolis area. In a year, I see myself continuing in promos around the area and even traveling, meeting new people. If chosen, I offer my talents that I utilize at other promotional events, stand out as a role model in the community and using my communication skills effectively while keeping a smile on my face.

Im the New face of RCG Indy

Hello Guys and Ladies I’m Andrea I am 29 yrs old and  I enjoy being in front of a camera and eventually would like to get into acting. The opportunity to pose in many out fits and different scenarios is fun for me. Its exciting to see the end result from different shoots to be able to see your self in a way me and most people don’t usually get to see.
I’m a very driven individual and in a year from now I would like to be
traveling for modeling, commercials and if possible roles in movies. Its not so much the spot lite.

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