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2014… A new me

I saw Miss Kisha’s post about “2014, is it really a New Year New You?” And I want to post my response rather than just send it to her.

2012 and 2013 were very emotional years for me. I lost 2 of the most influential women in my life, my dad moved 2 states away, I attempted to re-kindle my failing marriage only to end the 2 1/2 legal separation in divorce before Thanksgiving 2013, my best friend fucked me over and just walked away, I stopped eating, I bought a car that has been broke down over 75% of the time I’ve owned it, and every time I got ahead on the bills, the car broke down again, or something big happened. Needless to say, I broke down. I was beyond depressed, and I even went to a counselor for my problems. I wasn’t the one who needed to go… but I went anyway to try to save my marriage. Looking at it, she helped open my eyes to everything that was going on. She showed me that I was doing everything I could, and not to blame myself for things I couldn’t change or had no influence on whatsoever.

After the divorce was final, life started to turn around. Sure it wasn’t over night, but it was quick. It’s amazing how when you drop your dead weight everything becomes lighter, and seemingly easier.

My new me, begins here with the Renagade Ladies. I have spent so long being shy, socially awkward, depressed, and alone. Fuck that, I am ready to be loud, out spoken, happy, and positive (can’t really fix shy or socially awkward… but it works for me 😉 In the past few weeks I have talked to some amazing ladies (and gentlemen… Charlie and Eric… looking at you) who I look forward to moving forward with. I want to learn more about Renagade, and help move the name and carry the ladies. My goal is the learn as much as I can about Renagade and participate as much as I possibly can.

If I was still in the mindset I was in a few months ago.. I wouldn’t be posting this. I wouldn’t even know what Renagade was about.

Miss Heather’s Goal for January 2014, smile every day, start eating at least 2 good meals a day, and clear my home of my ex-husband’s belongings. Oh! And have 2 more amazing shows with Dr. Ronni Luv, Saturday nights at

Let’s do this! Let’s MAKE 2014 the year of the Renagades!


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