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Welcome to the World of the Renagades

To be or not to be is the question
We are renagades

Welcome to the World of the Renagades

Been really smiley lately. I LOVE IT

Doing my thing takin pics:)


?Road to the Super Bowl on Renagade Radio 2014

Road to the Super Bowl Renagade style with Artie Clear “LIVE” 6pm. Weeknights
How about this LINE up for Tomorrow folks
of Great Former NFL players to Join Artie Clear of The Artie Clear Show
Conrad Dodler St Louis Cards
Phil Villapiano Raiders/Bills
Carl Eller – Vikings
and of Course
MARLON BRISCO (Denver Broncos) first African American QB in the AFL
ONLY ON 6 pm
#NFL #SuperBowl


4/21/2009 my Baby was 7lbs 6oz 21inch. Not crying so he had to receive a spanken to make sure he was alive….. he sure did scream after that!. Being new to Motherhood I was Scared yet Excited Nervous yet worried patient yet wanting to be so perfect. I Read so many books and so many articles watched so  many Television shows that I still couldnt face the Fear of being a mother…. once my baby came I knew he changed me. My world. The way I look at life. The way I view myself and family. I pride myself in having my baby and not aborting him. Was it an Option yes? Simply because of age and I felt it was a mistake I wasn’t ready. I feel everything happens for a reason and my baby is Here. I am not the Perfect mother but I am the Best Mother. I realized in Life you have to sacrifice certain things for the ppl you Love. You have to remove your self from sticky situations. You have to base every move on your next move which is the stepping stone for the best Move for my baby and I. Not giving up or giving in is my motto. Chances make champions. I hold strong to this saying. I love my Son to Death but being Strong is what renagade is about


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