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A few Renagade Modeling tips

Don’t get stuck in the same pose for more than three seconds. Three seconds?!? Yeah, and even that might be too much.


KEEP MOVING. Slightly tweak your pose by moving your shoulders, angling your face differently, repositioning your arms, legs, etc. It helps to think of modeling as a sort of dance. Keep moving, keep flowing.


Be aware of your hands. If you have claw hands or are making an awkward position with your hands, RELAX.


Keep your hands graceful and soft whether they are on your hips, or hanging loose at your sides. Don’t clamp them at your waist or make tight white knuckle fists–your hands should always stay light and smooth.


You must have good posture. Modeling is all about positioning your body in flattering angles and interesting shapes, so it’s important to have good posture to begin with. I’ve never seen a successful model who hunched all the time, have you?


Miss Amanda RCG Home Town Hottie

A once in a blue moon weekend

Ahhhhh, so not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow! I started my 6 days a week schedule recently and am starting school on top of that here at the beginning of April! I was fortunate enough to have a full sat/sun off weekend this week for the last time in a while! Had a great time which included a fundraiser at one of the local Burien bars, relaxing, my first Japanese steak house in Tukwila! (amazing), more bars, The Big Climb today in Seattle (benefiting the leukemia foundation), naps and good food.

Tomorrow it’s back on the work wagon and work out wagon! Me an d Jillian Michaels are still getting along nicely. I start an actual diet in April I guess 😉

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


-Layla Bell

Bring out the Best

In all THAT YOU do. Give 110%… Like they say when your Early your on time and when your on time your late. When u give more than 100% you will never have to doubt yourself or wonder how you did. Shoot for the Best in all aspects. LEARN from experiences let those experiences guide you lead you to greatness. Ill do it over and over again until I get it right. Determined. ..THAT I AM


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