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Typing up the renagade training pages in the dark..

Power went out tonight. I am typing up the outline for the training pages in complete darkness, with only the warmth from my little pup Arrow Flynn, and the reflection of candle light. Reminds me of the times when I was a kid doing homework in the candle light, which is another story of having unconventional parents, and also when I stayed in Alaska for a month of the grid..
Stay tuned for the chronicles of Miss Laceylu Renagade.

My upbringing as a gypsy...

My upbringing as a gypsy…

Happy New Years.. Lets tune and promote the Renagade RadioWrecking Ball Bash!!!

Ms. Helena

Ms. Helena

Happy New Years Everyone. Lets promote our upcoming event and show some team work for all of those who have put this wonderful event together. Use this post and poster to spread the word. Tune into to join in and listen to New Year’s Eve happening around the world.










Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone Fans to RCG’s

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! Hope dinner and time with your family is well. -Rebel Von Jezabel- Renagade Girls

Rebel Von Jezabel Fashion Accessories

Renagade GirlsHello,

Come check out my new line of Rebel Fashion accessories.  If your are a big fan of pretty shoes, hair flowers, and custom made accessories for your hair to your feet, then this is a site for you. Made by your truly. 🙂


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