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Fresh Fruit

Speaking of fresh fruit, New Years Resolutions are on my mind. What to do this next year is very important. 2014 will ring in with a New Moon signifying a new beginning and a fresh start. I find this awesome and extra lucky. We all need the extra luck and most of all we all need love. When the moon is just right, you know that feeling you get from that special night you remember. Ahhh. New Moon, new year, new goals to accomplish. My mission is to do an overhaul on my essence and charge my chakras. Two days left of this year to prepare. I can’t wait to Renagade it up Wrecking New Years Eve on Renagade Radio Live. Being a Band Babe is so much fun and all of this is just the beginning of January.


What’s up? Blog talk.

Blogging is hard because I have never done it before but I have a lot of support. I was asked to be a part of the movement for my opinion and what good it could pose to the world, so here I go. Who doesn’t want to be a part of something big. I am really shy. People who know me think of me as a goof ball and really goal oriented. I am super silly and I hope to share that silliness with others. I just have open up. “Welcome to my world” is a Renagade saying and I go by that hella now a days. I am encouraged to be myself and that is weird to me being so “out of the box” which is also encouraged here.  Over time I hope to make fans, pay to read my blog, grow with me as we aren’t getting any younger. Ladies, “Hello” let’s be in touch if you have time, what is life like for you? I feel that focus, practice and teamwork will make us all happy. I am a good friend and really into fun things, the happier the better right? Blogging is coming along. “Hello gentlemen” what are you interested in? My page is growing and everyone should get in on it and make it a bit your page by talking to me about anything like we could be friends. I write soon for Renagade about music and I would love to talk to anyone else who loves music. Anyone who is in the music industry or any models who could spare some insight, let’s talk. Welcome to my world, this is just the beginning


Renagade Mojo #1

Finding my Renagade mojo, I am really feeling out my blog. Being a Renagade and a Band Babe, my jobs involve working with loads of other artists and sharing our goods with the world. Speaking of sharing, I hope you all have a very merry day regardless of social interaction. The holiday season has a bunch of different reasons to each of us so it is a good reminder to not get stressed out, peace in yourself.  New years is coming and Renagade is Wrecking New Years Eve. Wrecking it the good way with music, a great group of hosts, models, fans, callers and me. I am getting the hang of the radio and getting the hang of this whole experience. Come enjoy the radio, hang in with us.

Renagade Girls Com Promo

Listen In Tonight At 8 PM Pacific! Renagade Radio with The Z

Just a heads up 😉   Live tonight, I will be naming off  Seattle Best Music of 2013. This is my poll of the best, so the votes from fans are very important. I am a fan like music is for hearing. I seriously get into the sound and passion from the locals. Plus, the bonus of cheap pub shows rule. There is something about the show tonight that I am really getting into, sharing these bands and artists with people all over the world. Taste Seattle, Hear Seattle.

Renagade Radio Promo

Voting Options For Best Seattle Music 2013

Welcome to the list of Local (Seattle) Bands and Artists that have caught my attention in 2013. I will pull the Top Ten from this  list (or by votes) for my Best of Seattle Music 2013 Countdown on To Vote: Add a comment (to this post) of the music you think should place on top for the year. All of these musicians made a dent in 2013, playing many shows and putting out albums. If a band is awesome but missing here Vote for them and let us know they are up for the count. Click to listen and post to vote. Enjoy the end of the year with a recap of the good music.  * Mixed By,  Zeanthia DA.

John, Paul And The Apostles-


American Wrecking Company-

Above Ground-

Cathedral Pearls-

Mind Vice-

Sky Pilot-

December In Red-

Zero Point-

My Goodness-

Falling Blind-

No Buffer-




Ripynt- http://www.ripynt.comMackemore and Ryan Lewis- http://www.macklemore.comRose Windows- Hanson- Fail Safe Project-

One Gun Sky-

Ravages Of Time-

Brandi Carlile-

Zea With Links Of Seattle Local Music


Hello Renagade Radio. This is Band Babe Zeanthia DA bringing to you my top 5 favorite Seattle local bands. I was on air tonight at 8pm (only my second time) and I told the listeners to start checking out these bands to help vote for Seattle’s Top 10 Music of 2013. Let’s start with

#5 December In Red with their self-titled debut album, “DECEMBER IN RED”. Rock….

#4 Lacero with their “MIYORA” EP and their self-titled full length album, “LACERO”. Rock/Prog Rock/Alternative Metal

#3 Mind Vice with their self-titled debut album, “MIND VICE”. Grunge/Rock/Blues/Metal  &

#2 Sky Pilot with their debut album, “PART-TIME MACHINE”. Rock/Hip Hop &

#1 No Buffer placing my favorite to listen to with self-titled debut album, “NO BUFFER” and second full length album “EVERYTHING WILL BE JUST FINE”  Punk

All of these bands did GREAT in 2013! They pushed themselves in musicianship and brought their best to all they put out. I hope if you love music you click a link or two or all of them J.  Vote on your favorite. Get in touch with me become a part of my page. We should share music.

I am as bright as coat of many colors

Zeanthia DA Rcg

I am as bright as coat of many colors 

Zeanthia DA Rcg Zeanthia DA Rcg Zeanthia DA Rcg. There are many different things I am doing all the time, working and playing. I am a dedicated worker, driven to learn and conquer stages complications.

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