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Bring out the Best

In all THAT YOU do. Give 110%… Like they say when your Early your on time and when your on time your late. When u give more than 100% you will never have to doubt yourself or wonder how you did. Shoot for the Best in all aspects. LEARN from experiences let those experiences guide you lead you to greatness. Ill do it over and over again until I get it right. Determined. ..THAT I AM


About Miss Cedes-RCG

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Small Town Gal from Up North in Michigan. Raised by a Single Mother I am now 23 and a Aspiring Model. Born a Leo August14.1990 i am very aggressive and I pride myself on being Bold upfront and daring. I try to be open minded and fun spirited. My goal is to learn more progress and make it into the industry. I plan to Continue to work hard and build a Brand miss cedes Rcg

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