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    Oh hey! It’s snowing

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Voting Options For Best Seattle Music 2013

Welcome to the list of Local (Seattle) Bands and Artists that have caught my attention in 2013. I will pull the Top Ten from this  list (or by votes) for my Best of Seattle Music 2013 Countdown on To Vote: Add a comment (to this post) of the music you think should place on top for the year. All of these musicians made a dent in 2013, playing many shows and putting out albums. If a band is awesome but missing here Vote for them and let us know they are up for the count. Click to listen and post to vote. Enjoy the end of the year with a recap of the good music.  * Mixed By,  Zeanthia DA.

John, Paul And The Apostles-


American Wrecking Company-

Above Ground-

Cathedral Pearls-

Mind Vice-

Sky Pilot-

December In Red-

Zero Point-

My Goodness-

Falling Blind-

No Buffer-




Ripynt- http://www.ripynt.comMackemore and Ryan Lewis- http://www.macklemore.comRose Windows- Hanson- Fail Safe Project-

One Gun Sky-

Ravages Of Time-

Brandi Carlile-

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