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I’m just me; Your Small Town Girl with A Big City Attitude.



The in’s and out’s of yours truly. I am a good person with a huge heart; I give people my all and forgive too easily. I want the best for anyone and would give my life to make anyone happy. I have morals and values and I don’t take people for granted. When I love, I love with everything I have; it’s the only way to live. I have two older sisters whom are both married with 1 kid each. My parents are still together, which has instilled in me that you fight for what you love. I always see the good in people and even if they don’t deserve my kindness it will all be worth it in the end. I am a very energetic, friendly and adventurous person who will try anything once.  I have goals in life and am doing anything and everything to obtain them. Being a Renagade Girl isn’t a job its an adventure. I’m just me; no better than anyone else, your small town girl with a big city attitude.




Life of a Renagade Calendar Girl

Hello beautiful peeps of the Renegade World!

The life of a Renagade Calendar Girl is the life of a dream, but is also a fast paced life of dedication, hard work, fun, and excitement all wrapped into one package.  This life is a wonderful avenue to meet wonderful and exciting people who share some of the same interest, as well as learn from those who have different interest. Renagade Calendar Girls (RCG) allows people to shine and have positive influences and impacts on women across the world to embrace their beauty, since we are all beautiful in our own way. Life of an RCG lets me be a visible devoted sports fan, fashion symbol….hmm…I could list many more but I think you get it….The time is now to follow along, watch, and participate with your RCG beauties. Fan your favorite…sign up for prizes and exclusive photos….

Tell us what you want to see, what you want to do, what has inspired you to follow your dreams….life is short but life as a Renagade Calendar Girl is a journey worth traveling. See you on the inside!!!


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