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  • tattoos In fashion

    Tattoos In Fashion   People who work in virtually every type of industry, including the fashion...

  • Im the New face of RCG Indy

    Im the New face of RCG Indy

    Hello Guys and Ladies I’m Andrea I am 29 yrs old and  I enjoy being in front of a camera and e...

  • PriorityKeonni

    4/21/2009 my Baby was 7lbs 6oz 21inch. Not crying so he had to receive a spanken to make sure he was...

  • School…and stuff…UGH!

    School…and stuff…UGH!

    Of course trying to enroll in school again can NEVER be easy! This should have been smooth sailing, ...

  • Im on Google!

    Im on Google! ...

  • dealing with Insomnia

    Secret Causes of Insomnia!!!!!! According to a “Sleep in America” poll released by the N...

  • renagade Workout

    RENAGADE WORKOUT PLAN 3 sets of 10 Crunches scissor legs Bicycles squats and Pushups Get in tune wit...

  • Making the World a better Place Here at Renagade.

    Making the World a better Place Here at Renagade.

    The planet is our mother, it is our home, the place where we will carry out our existence and experi...

  • A few Renagade Modeling tips

    Don’t get stuck in the same pose for more than three seconds. Three seconds?!? Yeah, and even that m...

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone Fans to RCG’s

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! Hope dinner and time with your family is well. -Rebel Von Jezabel- Renagade Girls

Im on Google!

I’m such a sucker for love stories…especially if it’s a musical

I'm such a sucker for love stories...especially if it's a musical

Do you have what it takes to be a Renagade Girl?

Join the Girls of Renagade Calendar Girls Only at

Picture is a 1,000 word’s Welcome to the Picture Show

Say Hello to Indianapolis Prez MissLayla

Hello Im MissLayla Indy Chapter Prez.

I am a very passionate woman, I take Modeling and Photography very seriously and I set my goals High! and wish everyone would as well. I believe if you want something you have to bust your ass to get it, nothing in this world is free or just handed to you. I have been Modeling since I was 16 yrs old it has been a dream becoming the girls I saw in the magazines, I have been featured in Teen Magazine and Glamour when I was very young, and later I actually was fortunate to be at the right spot at the right time and got a small photo in playboy, I met Mr. Hefner we shared jokes and a bottle of Dom…I would say that was a highlight. Now I am recruiting lovely ladies to join my crew of RCG and we are having a ball.   This page will be filled with Beauty like you cannot believe, each week I will feature one of my lovely ladies as the Girl of the Week, hopefully you  can and will help her achieve this goal ,all it takes is your Votes, Fanning and comments (Members get *Special* Viewing of behind the scene, Must see TV and much more) so Pick your favorite Renagade and show your support by simply clicking…:)

Kisses Miss Layla

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