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Sometimes in life Negative things may get in the way of a Positive accomplishment you are trying to face… never Give up. Or quit. When shit happens im Like Bring it on!!!!!! A dream to me is a vision a goal u think about and seeing yourself pursue. U have to jump on it. Not afraid to try over and and over and over again. My goal is not yet finished but im the making Indeed. I will succeed.

Miss cedes Rcg

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Small Town Gal from Up North in Michigan. Raised by a Single Mother I am now 23 and a Aspiring Model. Born a Leo August14.1990 i am very aggressive and I pride myself on being Bold upfront and daring. I try to be open minded and fun spirited. My goal is to learn more progress and make it into the industry. I plan to Continue to work hard and build a Brand miss cedes Rcg

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