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Fans are friends are family!

Hey… Ho….

This is Miss Kisha a.k.a. The Face stopping by to tell you how much your support as , fans are friend are family, means to me. See everything we do in life is usually supported by someone whether it is visible to us or not or whether it is to support a good choice or a bad one. I’ve always considered myself a fighter, a go getter, a people person/talker, Ya know… The kind of person who loves to see others laugh and smile so while I chase my dreams and embark upon this journey your support and engagement is nothing more than irreplaceable. I cannot phantom continuing on this journey without a fan base to make laugh or smile or challenge your thought process.. I’m sure anyone model, actor, singer, or public figure would say the same…Where would we be without YOU. You sign up as fans, engage like as friends, and are dedicated as family.. You there sir or Madame are priceless to me! Nothing can replace you… #EmbraceYourBeauty. Follow me along, talk to me, engage in my Experience. I’m on the inside waiting on you..hope to see you ther!

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