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    Good day!!

    I am Heather and I am one of the Media Leads for our Washington Chapter. Working with me along the way is Miss Kashmere and Miss Lacey.

    Right now we have a task for all of you ladies. We have a YouTube site with very little videos and activity, this makes me a sad panda (any South Park fans?) We need YOU to make us some videos. The following are what we need:

    An introduction:
    Before we upload ANY other video of yours we need a video of you. We want to know who you are and what does being a Renagade Girl mean to you. This will appear on our YouTube site as well as have an opportunity to be used on KickStarter, a website designed to help people with goals make money for their purpose. We are trying to earn some start up money to really get Renagade Inc off the ground and working for us!

    A tutorial
    Do you know how to do make-up? Hair? Can you pose? Strut your stuff? Give us something to help guide other ladies. We want things in beauty, modeling, and promoting yourself. Let’s help spread the knowledge and guide our up fellow RCG sisters. Please, we ask that you know what you are doing (can’t have videos of you watching YouTube trying to do something).

    A talent
    Are you a dancer? Do you sing? Yoga? Have an act with your parrot? Video tape it and let’s use it to help promote yourself.

    At the end of your videos we want you to give a shout-out to where people can find your profile or further information about you. So say “Thanks for watching me on Renagade INC.TV, you can follow me on twitter @ ____, or Facebook @______, or best of all come find me at (your Renagade Social site!!).” We would also like you to give a shout-out to Renagade as well (eventually we want to get liners from you all to play over the feed as well, but that will also come with time). SourceFed on YouTube does a really great sign off and so does Epic Meal time (if you want to see what I am aiming for in your shout out please check out those stations… check them out anyway… they are awesome).

    Ok, so what if you don’t have a specific talent or skill for a tutorial? I still want an intro of your pretty face telling the world where they can find you.

    Questions? Comments? Let’s get this ball rolling!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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