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Let me introduce myself: A long story short

Let me introduce myself: A long story short


I know I really need to formerly introduce myself to anyone whose willing to read!
I am 26 years old and I life in the Burien area. I have spent the last 7 years of my life on an awkward journey of finding myself and moving from town to town. I started out in seattle after high school and migrated to the U district. From there I moved to Bonney Lake and that’s how I ended up on the south end of things. Boys! From Bonney Lake I moved to federal way and then a boy lead me to Puyallup. I then moved to Tacoma and now I’m in here! School and love brought me here.

I have been on a weird and winding road towards an education for the past couple of years. I just recently graduated from PIMA after a 9 month program to become a veterinary technician…only to decide I think zoology would be better! So, more school ahead soon.

That all being said, I’m a super busy girl. I have a lot of family and friends too, so there’s a lot on this plate!

I want to be a contributing member of The Renegade Girls and show my love to all the beautiful ladies out there!


Layla Bell

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I'm a student of zoology and veterinary medicine living in Seattle Wa. I've lived from Bellingham Wa to Puyallup Wa, riding I5 for most of my life. I love going out and having fun, as well as spending time with friends and family. I love my pets and animals in general. I hope to find a career that will allow me to dedicate my work to helping and saving animals of every variety.

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