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Renagade Workout Plan

Hey, its a New Yr. New endeavors new ppl. Why Not a even more FIT you. PHYSICALLY!!

My twin and I are from The Indianapolis Chapter of rcg Models. A important part of modeling to us is being FIT. Being physically fit has a positive impact on how you feel about your body. If you feel agile and know you can run up the stairs, do the gardening, move furniture about, carry heavy shopping from your car to your home, you are much more likely to have a positive body image. A study at the University of Florida found that the simple act of exercise can convince people that they look better, without necessarily having to be physically fit.

A positive body image is seen as one based on reality – the individual sees himself/herself as they really are. They accept parts of their body that are not ideal, but are generally happy with the way they look and feel.

Love the Skin yiur

Psychologists say that a feeling of self-worth should not be linked to how we look. People who realize this tend to feel good about their appearance.

Love the skin your in! Be bold be You Be Beautiful

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Small Town Gal from Up North in Michigan. Raised by a Single Mother I am now 23 and a Aspiring Model. Born a Leo August14.1990 i am very aggressive and I pride myself on being Bold upfront and daring. I try to be open minded and fun spirited. My goal is to learn more progress and make it into the industry. I plan to Continue to work hard and build a Brand miss cedes Rcg

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