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Being a Renagade Girl is about Building a fan Base Interacting with fans and Networking. Its More then just Photo shoots and partying. Its about Growth Teamwork Hardwork and patience. I was nervous to join the Indianapolis Chapter of Renagade because ibhad little to NO experience… I joined September 2013 and ive enjoyed every second. Our chapter President has so much constructive critism and helps in every way Possible. Miss Laylonna inspires me to go full throttle for what I Want as fsr as my Modeling needs and wants.

I know hard work will Pay off so for now I am just working and patiently waiting for my moment

miss cedes rcg

About Miss Cedes-RCG

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Small Town Gal from Up North in Michigan. Raised by a Single Mother I am now 23 and a Aspiring Model. Born a Leo August14.1990 i am very aggressive and I pride myself on being Bold upfront and daring. I try to be open minded and fun spirited. My goal is to learn more progress and make it into the industry. I plan to Continue to work hard and build a Brand miss cedes Rcg

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