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What’s up? Blog talk.

Blogging is hard because I have never done it before but I have a lot of support. I was asked to be a part of the movement for my opinion and what good it could pose to the world, so here I go. Who doesn’t want to be a part of something big. I am really shy. People who know me think of me as a goof ball and really goal oriented. I am super silly and I hope to share that silliness with others. I just have open up. “Welcome to my world” is a Renagade saying and I go by that hella now a days. I am encouraged to be myself and that is weird to me being so “out of the box” which is also encouraged here.  Over time I hope to make fans, pay to read my blog, grow with me as we aren’t getting any younger. Ladies, “Hello” let’s be in touch if you have time, what is life like for you? I feel that focus, practice and teamwork will make us all happy. I am a good friend and really into fun things, the happier the better right? Blogging is coming along. “Hello gentlemen” what are you interested in? My page is growing and everyone should get in on it and make it a bit your page by talking to me about anything like we could be friends. I write soon for Renagade about music and I would love to talk to anyone else who loves music. Anyone who is in the music industry or any models who could spare some insight, let’s talk. Welcome to my world, this is just the beginning


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