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RealTalk: Relationships

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 Let’s Talk.

When Being Involved in a romantic and sexual relationship, We look for fulfillment Right?

You want to be done to you as what is done for them,

The feeling of comfort, Security, friendship, and trust.

We sometimes have to compromise a little of ourselves and put our own needs aside for the betterment of the whole.

In some cases that makes it just hard to “be yourself”.  In a perfect scenario a relationship is everything it should be.

 Well, we have reached out across the map and asked how real it gets and what people have done to keep happy, healthy, and true to themselves.

Here is what they told us.

“Have you ever felt like dating

was a waste of time?”

When I was younger I used to date a lot.

I put myself out there in the social scene,

I met a lot of people thinking that I would be lucky and find somebody that would make me happy.

I considered myself to be fun, chill, engaging, 

I knew exactly what I wanted.

Unfortunately ,I always found myself in situations where the guy wouldn’t be interested in a long

term relationship, ghost me, or play hot and cold.

I suffered a lot by putting myself out there and offering a piece of me to someone who didn’t have the same feelings.

I got absolutely nothing out of those relationships. I decided t that the dating game was overrated,

If Love was real, it would come to me some other way .

I lived single for a long time after that.

I felt free and liberated and it was worth it.

I found who I really was inside and I did some things for myself.  

It was After I had accomplished going to college, I met my match.

Guess what!

He Recognized me, fell in love with me, and I didn’t have to chase him.

We are now happily married and have two children. 

Melissa 36

“What Felt Right”

I was in a Relationship with my high school sweetheart for 7 years.

I thought I was going to marry him honestly.

Everything was normal and in routine but it was to bland!

We started to change and get sick of each other, I had to break free.

As soon as the relationship was over, I decided to experiment with my sexuality and explore my new life. 

I discovered That there was so much I couldn’t do with my last boyfriend.

Group sex, sex with other girls, amazing play-toys and clubs, allot of crazy stuff.

I tried it all!

I didn’t know back then that I would be where I am now.

Believe it or not, I went on tinder with no expectations and ended up in a poly/group relationship.

I have never had a relationship so open so, caring, so sexual.

It just clicked with me, the chemistry between us all is just a match made.

I have never felt a feeling quite like the  

poly/group relationship experience and I will never go back to dating a single partner again.

I have embraced that I have came far from where I started off and that I am a new person.

It Just feels right and I am a more happy living being.

Sheila 33

“Pleasure,Yours or Mine?”

I hated the feeling I used to get when I thought sex was just to please my partners and not to fulfill  my own sexual desires.

I realized it had started to leave me empty and unsatisfied inside. 

My Partners liked to have sex all the time ,

I got used to pleasing them in the ways they enjoyed it most but could  never climax!

I wanted to try something new,but I just  didn’t know how to communicate it to them.

had to find a way to boost my confidence and open up. To not feel guilty about

telling them exactly what I wanted. I decided to watch porn, read a lot of books, find my voice and tada !

It wasn’t long before I figured How I like to have sex  and I had a lot of fun  exploring.

I learned how to get worked up to the moment with my heart pounding and juices flowing,quivering. .

It wasn’t as hard as I thought It would be. I opened up and found that My partners were

always open to trying new moves and were usually on board to have some sexxxy fun time anyways.

I feel more womanly now that I can do it anywhere, anytime,

knowing that men are happy to make me feel good and vise versa.

Overcoming my dilemma has made a huge difference in my relationships.

Stacy 27

Theses ladies had what It takes to Be themselves ,

made relationships that made them truly happy,

and as unleashed as it might be,

that is real talk about real life. Un-Barred,

Out of the Box, Extraordinary, Hot and heavy. Here, Only at Renagade. 

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