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Making the World a better Place Here at Renagade.

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The planet is our mother, it is our home, the place where we will carry out our existence and experience the circle of life. It is so much Larger than what we can actually comprehend,

with a vast horizon, Billions upon millions of other people we have never met, and unlimited sources to learn and grow from.

Can you just imagine all the ways people can come together for a bigger purpose?

Everybody makes a difference, no matter where or who you are. In many ways we are all connected. If we all came together for what matters most , we could make

this world a better place.

We all have things we care about. In that case, There is a little activist in everyone! Even  the smallest things make a difference.

 I decided to put together a few stories of heart warming acts for inspiration and some Big issues ,you could help make a difference in small ways.

To get us started on a journey of

Love, Peace, and happiness.

“Friendship and Hunger”

I had uplifted my roots and moved to a new state when I was in my 20’s. I had the urge to be Independent and live a creative life. I saved up everything I had to start new from

being a pizza delivery boy and purchased a small cracker box apartment. My very first friend I made was a little old lady that lived across the way from me.

She was able to tell me

the locations where I needed to be and asked me if I was hungry.

She started telling me stories of her life and  fed me every Wednesday with the vegetables she picked from her garden. sort of like a tradition.  She was well loved by

everyone in the community and had shared her recipes of quiche and stir-fry around the block. As years gone by.

I had found myself  moving up the ladder in the corporate world.

I had moved into a new house with my girlfriend I planned on marrying. I discovered My girl friend loved to garden as well.

The lady Had made quite the impact on me I wanted to

introduce my newly wed wife to her so she could share her recipes.

We stopped by the old neighborhood and to my disappointment the Lady had Passed away. The area was in shambles. A place I once called my home had gone to shame.

So I took it upon myself to brighten it up again. In memory of my dear neighbor.

I had started a community Grow-op. Where I gave local residence a place to grow fresh food and start a food bank.

My wife took the idea even farther and we opened a restaurant  on

the corner two blocks down.

We fed the hungry every Wednesdays and incorporated similar recipes.

That is how I shared my experience with those to make a difference in the community.

The Environment:

Do you consider the Climate Change to be a serious problem ? Most people find this issue overwhelming. If you are just one person against mother nature,

How could you make a difference?


1)Buy a Reusable water bottle. You could help prevent pollution. That means less greenhouse gasses and less energy wasted.

Did you know 80% of water bottles are not recycled? They end up in landfills and in the oceans. you can help change the world for under $4.

2)Shop Smarter. Buy clothes that are going to last and donate to recycle old ones. It takes 5,000 gallons of water to produce the cotton need for a single t-shirt.

water is the key to life. 

Huge changes can happen by preservation and smart moves.

“Read More, Give More”

I should have been born in a library. Ever since I was a little kid I Loved books. I think knowledge is power and my knowledge comes from reading. I had joined reading clubs in the

past and have collected tons of

books from here and there. I decided to instead of selling them I would offer them to the community  with a twist to see if I could get a reaction out of them. I set up a book giveaway

in the community center and

made the deal to the people who liked my books to  pledge an act of community service if they took one free of charge. I had some rare books that were hard to part with but I did. I 

had always wondered if they would contact me back. It was months until I finally heard back from a fellow that had took one.To my surprise,He had organized a huge benefit with a

performance to raise money for homeless youth! That was rewarding, knowing that I could have faith in humanity.

-Francis 27

Equality and Racism:

With Millions of people in the world from different backgrounds and life styles, Many people have came across  being in situations of conflict

steming from different perspectives and beliefs.Instead of understanding one another we are more focused on getting our points across

. This is an issue that  we can help solve.Start talking. Have  conversations about race, class, and violence.In order to change perspectives you have to Learn and grow with it

organically through real, engaging

relationships and being intentional about it.

2)Read Up: Learn how to deal with issues that are concerning today. 

3) Retweet The Good.More Woman should share their success stories to give a sense of hope

“Everybody Is Welcome Here”

When coming over to the united States from another country , I felt home sick.  I had to get used to American Culture and learn how to fit in. I was very afraid to go out of the home.

Not knowing anybody and worrying about my safety because I was Different.

I had started taking classes to help with my English to make my life easier. I remember mentioning to my teacher that I needed help fitting in. I was later

introduced to an interracial group that helped ease my discomforts.

They started a movement to bring people together in unity raising awareness for equality.

artists in the community had started collaborating to make pieces of work to support the movement. Everybody is welcome here.

It was Beautiful and brought peace to my life.

The world Changes Everyday. It Is Our choices that make it a better place. Get out and do something remarkable, all we have is our future.


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